A November to Remember

Well if that isn’t the understatement of our lifetime I don’t know what is. Not just November but this entire year will live in infamy. We definitely will be retelling the events of this past year for generations. Not to mention, the bizarre unfolding of this presidential election. Everything seems so messed up, disjointed, unsettled, divided, and unsure. I must admit, my days consist of wrestling with mixed feelings of anger and cheerfulness, hope and disappointment, indignation and gratefulness. Maybe you have felt the same. Maybe you feel things are getting worse or maybe you feel like things might actually be on the upswing.

It’s not my purpose to cipher your emotions and determine if they are justified or not. What I do want is for you to take the words of Jesus...simple words with such brevity...and take them to heart. First, read them intellectually. Think about them. Ponder them. Put them in perspective...eternal perspective, that is. Then, let them settle into your soul. Let them begin to move you...emotionally. Let the power of the Word, the truth of the Word, grip you in the deepest part of your being. Allow these words to transform and interpret your thoughts and feelings as we move forward in closing out this year and look to begin a new one.

Jesus said this, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

Godspeed to each of you,



Regarding our upcoming MANTIME EVENTS, we will be closely watching any changes on a state and national level that may impact our gatherings. Presently, we are still planning our Chill Nights (see the schedule below) and hope to have the ANNUAL EVENT in April (dates TBA by January 1st).

Schedule of Events

November 21 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

December 12 - FAMILY Chill Night **Guys bring you family** 6-9p (Midland property)

January 16 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

<Kentucky Bourbon Trip> Dates= late January or early February (TBA by Thanksgiving)

February 13 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

March 13 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

April (TBA) - MANTIME ANNUAL EVENT (Midland property)


All the above dates are subject to change or cancellation as we monitor the on-going mandates regarding COVID-19.