It's Fall...So Let's Think About Spring

As the old saying goes, "There's no time like the present to think about the future." So, while we find ourselves in the middle of Fall (some of you are already experiencing Winter), I say it's a great time to think about Spring...or more specifically, MANTIME 2020.

I'm thrilled to announce that registration will open this Friday (Black Friday) for anyone who wants to take advantage of a super offer for $50 of the regular ticket price of $299. The MANTIME board is looking forward to next year's ANNUAL EVENT on April 2-4, 2020. We have been working to get things in order and open registration before Christmas. Many of you (including some wives) have suggested we do this before Christmas so it could be offered as a gift option. Well, we listened and obeyed.

As we approach THANKSGIVING and the ominous Black Friday, we hope this will be an opportunity for you to receive and/or give a gift of encouragement, challenge, and camaraderie by attending MANTIME this April. Do something positively selfish. Plan ahead and decide you need this weekend. Maybe you also think of another friend, brother, co-worker who also needs this weekend. Forward this to them and encourage them to sign up.

As much as I love this time of year and always look forward to April. MANTIME is a hi-lite of my year. And it's because of the men who show up at MANTIME. I know I need it and I'm pretty sure you need it too. So don't delay...sign up!

REMEMBER: Registration will open on NOVEMBER 29 (Black Friday) at 12p Noon

Tickets are limited...ONLY 20 are available at this price!!!

Look forward to seeing you guys!!

Happy Thanksgiving