It's Time I Break My Silence

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

It's been almost a year since publishing a newsletter. There's a few reasons for this, none really excusable, but real, nonetheless. For one, my wife (aka The Nester) decided it was the right time to begin our massive pool and patio project. We broke ground a few weeks after last year's MANTIME. We wrapped the project up in November...and as it stands today we are about 95% done. We need a fence and some final landscaping to call it 100%, but for practical sake, it's done. Doing a project of that magnitude yourself saves a lot of money, but takes 3x as long. Obviously, I didn't do it all myself. I had a few gracious friends that were key to the success of the project and I will forever be indebted to them. The payoff was worth it but it monopolizes your time, not to mention the fact you're completely exhausted at the end of the day and can't move or think. My desire to stay connected with my MANTIME comrades through the newsletter and email just fell in the shadow of busyness and exhaustion. Although this reason accounts for a majority of my silence there was another. Over the past year I've been rather contemplative in regards to observing various perspectives on manhood and masculinity in society. I've listened to various podcasts, read blogs and books, and perused social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter...all three of which I'm scarcely engaged on my end. To be honest, I've wrestled with a slew of emotions from listening, reading, observing. Everything from anger, judgment, and perplexity, to inspiration, hopefulness, and confidence. By no means would I say I've exhausted the bounds of all that is manhood and masculinity but I've learned a great deal and believe it will be valuable in moving MANTIME forward. With all that said, I've reached a place where I believe, with all confidence, MANTIME can be improved and made a more valuable resource for men like you. Whether that be our ANNUAL EVENT, the Bourbon Trip, or some other events that I've "talked" about for a couple years but haven't followed through on. Many of you have offered input and ideas and I'm very grateful. My desire is to capitalize on that even more moving forward. Each of you have something valuable to offer and honestly, without you, there is no MANTIME. From the outset of forming MANTIME I've always considered myself like a "curator" who selects, manages, oversees. I purposefully wanted to be a participant, one who needs to be challenged and sharpened just like those who attend. I'm not only open to that, I need it. I don't have it all figured out. I'm a man who has weaknesses and makes lots of mistakes. Honestly, I can be bonehead sometimes. But this is the beauty of offers a place to be yourself. Just like you, I desire to do the right thing. But despite our ambitions we often get sidetracked and enamored by other things. Our desire to be great husbands and fathers and workers is commendable. But the "fleshing" out of those ambitions is what makes life "real"...real tough. We look around and feel like the biggest failures on the planet. We feel alone, embarrassed, and unworthy. Culture mocks and falsifies our ambition while, at the same time, our internal struggle is like a MMA match...and it feels like we're losing most of the time. This may not be how we feel everyday or all the time but the times when we do feel this way has a deep impact on our perspective. So, this is why we need MANTIME. This is why YOU need MANTIME. MANTIME was created for this very reason. It's about YOU, but not really. It's about every man. It's about that journey to "Reclaim The Vision For Your Life". To be with other men that get it and are willing to share in the discussion. Men who are willing to engage in the challenges that come with being a man in this day and age. Men who refuse to yield to the prevailing mantra of our society. Men who are ready to fight the good fight. If this resonates with you then it's MANTIME! Registration for MANTIME 2018 is now open!! I'm hoping you make attending MANTIME this year a priority. The dates are APRIL 12-14 and the cost is $310. This year we're excited to have David Murrow as our discussion leader. He is an award-winning television producer and writer based in Alaska. He's an accomplished author and also director of Church for Men. It's an honor to have him share his wisdom with us. Without a doubt, I know you'll leave this weekend with something that could benefit you and the relationships in your life. So, get the word out and share with your buddies! To register click to MANTIME and then click "Annual Event". I look forward to seeing you guys and catching up! Godspeed to you Chad