MANTIME 2019 Announcement!!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019


I hope your new year is starting off well and you anticipate an exciting and rewarding year in all your endeavors. It is that time of year again as we begin to look towards our annual MANTIME event.

I hate that I’ve not been very consistent in my communication since last year’s event. 2018 opened some exciting opportunities for me, business speaking, and though I embraced them with enthusiasm, it monopolized much of my time. Some of you can identify with that, for sure.

But I’m so excited about this year’s MANTIME gathering. I know, I say the same thing around this time every year. But it’s true…I always look forward to men from all over coming to hang out and connect. Some men are some of the closest friends I have. Others become newly discovered comrades. No matter the connection…familiar or new…by the end of the weekend we all feel an awareness of how much we need each other and how important it is to be together and learn from each other.

Another reason I’m especially excited about MANTIME this year is our special guest—our discussion leader—Roger Thompson. You can read about him on the MANTIME website. But real briefly I’ll point out a few things why you won’t want to miss this year’s event.

First, Roger is a man’s man. He is a self-proclaimed outdoorsman and has a passion for discovering God in those adventurous places. As a matter of fact, he wrote a book about that very thing. It’s called We Stood Upon Stars. Dubbed as an adventure journal, Roger has written a series of essays about his travels to various places such as our National parks, the coast of California, and the deserts of New Mexico. More importantly, you find an honest, vulnerable, and poetic nuance of a man who’s revealing his journey to manhood, fatherhood, and discovering a loving God. Something we all relate to. I know I did when I read his book.

Another thing about Roger…he’s a self-proclaimed introvert who says “I’m not a speaker or preacher. But I do enjoy having discussions with other dudes.” As founder and curator of MANTIME, I knew from the outset I wanted MANTIME to be a place where guys could come and be encouraged and challenged without being “talked TO” or “preached AT” but rather engaged and heard in a graceful environment. In my getting to know Roger it’s obvious he feels the same. His heart is drawn to gatherings with this mindset. A gathering where men can share their own stories and others can nod with understanding. You probably feel the same. Well, that’s MANTIME and that’s why you should consider attending.

A final thought about Roger...As an entrepreneur, non-profit leader, and adventurer, he’s seen a lot, he’s done a lot, and he’s been shaped by the successes and failures of those experiences. The wealth of wisdom he’s acquired from his life journey thus far is worthy of sharing. When I invited Roger to come to MANTIME I did not ask him to be the “speaker”. I ask him to share what he’s learned in his many experiences and travels. I ask if he would lead us in a collaborative discussion about our own unique journeys in discovering God. I ask if he would challenge us to get “lost” to find what really matters. He said YES!!!

I hope you too will say YES to come. It’s something I know you need. I need it myself. Although I put this event on here in Midland on my own property, I consider myself a participant…and attender because I need this as much as anyone else.

So, here’s what I suggest you do:

* Carve out April 4-6 to attend MANTIME

* Go to the website and register

* Buy Roger’s book (he actually wrote 2, buy both if you like) We Stood Upon Stars

* Begin this new year with some goals to rethink, refocus, and reclaim that vision you desire for your life

I hope to see you this year at MANTIME. And don’t forget…bring a friend. The benefits of MANTIME stick better when you attend and return home with a comrade you do life with everyday. It’s just a given. So bring your bro.

Godspeed my friends,


“Life is busy, and love struggles at high speeds. If it doesn’t have time to take root, it turns to lust. I’ve learned we need to periodically reset the speed of our clock, because the best love is slow.” -Roger Thompson, We Stood Upon Stars