MANTIME is Happening!

Greetings Gentlemen

You guys just don't know how excited I am to be writing this. The past 6 months has been life-altering for everyone, especially for those, like myself, who planned get togethers and events. COVID-19 transformed what would have been a typical normal year. MANTIME Annual Event had to be cancelled, as well as the Bourbon trip, Nest Fest, and our monthly Chill Nights. For an Enneagram 9 the perimeters put on socializing and gathering were frustrating to say the least. But it seems things are gradually moving back to normality and with government restrictions beginning to loosen, we are in the process of making small steps to bring back normality on our property.

Therefore, I encourage you guys to look at the list of events below and mark your calendars for a year of opportunity...opportunity to be challenged, experience something new, find rest and rejuvenation, meet some new friends, or maybe reclaim the vision for your life.

TAKE NOTE: These events vary in price and will range from one day events to an entire week. Most will occur on the property in Midland, NC but there are some that will be off-site. we understand not everyone can participate in every event. By offering a wide range of events at various times of the year it gives men the chance to plan and choose what they find interesting.

MANTIME's goal is to encourage, inspire, curate, and help clarify that journey. I look forward to reconnecting with MANTIME alumni as well as meeting new friends. As always, you are welcome to invite a friend, family member, or colleague to our events.



2020-21 Schedule of Events

September 19 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

October 17 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

November 21 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

December 12 - Family Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

January 16 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

28-31- BOURBON Trip (Kentucky) Details TBA by October

February 13 - Chill Night 6-9p (Midland property)

**Other events that are yet TBA:

MANTIME Annual Event - at Midland property (April)

Poker Night - at Midland property (projected for late winter)

Fly Fishing Trip - offsite; out west (projected for late summer or early fall)

Father/Son Day - at Midland property (projected for late spring