A New Direction for MANTIME

Hello Gentlemen...Hope your Summer is going well. Maybe your corner of the world is different but for most of us it has been...HOT! Especially, for those of us who work outside, the humidity is worse than the mere temperature. Hopefully, you guys have had some time to relax, hang out with the family, fire up the grill, swim in a pool or lake, and enjoy this time of year.

I'm writing this month to share some major news for MANTIME. This has been many years in the making and, alas, it has come to fruition.

I am so excited to announce that MANTIME has officially filed for 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT status. I say "officially" because many have just assumed for the last 5 years that MANTIME has been a nonprofit entity. Although in practicality and function it seemed like it, the reality is it wasn't.

But after much counsel and prayer I decided it was time to pursue this status and open myself to much needed guidance and direction for the future of MANTIME. Honestly, it has been a relief and excitement for me personally to know I am no longer solely responsible for every detail and decision surrounding MANTIME. This includes any events, finances, and social media.

Some of you are familiar with non-profits and are aware that it is a requirement for the organization to have a board of directors. After the MANTIME event last April I began to consider some men I thought would be a good fit for that role. After several weeks of working through the process I am happy to introduce these fine gentlemen to you.

Caleb Hill - Lives in Denver, NC (west Charlotte);husband to Elaine and father to 2 young girls; he works as a general contractor and builds homes in the Lake Norman area

Toby Weibye - Lives in Alexandria, MN; father to 3 young boys; works as a general contractor, property investor, and entrepreneur.

Jeremy Wolfram - Lives in Greenville, SC; husband to Logan; father to 2 young boys; works in the IT field.

Each of these men have a desire to love God, their family, and community. They are men of integrity, loyalty, and wisdom. Each bring a unique skill set and personality to the table. All three are MANTIME alumni and are committed to seeing the vision and mission of MANTIME flourish. I am honored to serve along side these men as we take MANTIME in this new direction.

In the months to come I am confident you will experience some much-deserved changes. As an example, over the past several years I've been approached by many who wanted to make charitable contributions to MANTIME assuming it was already a nonprofit. Moving forward (upon receiving our official status) many opportunities to support the vision and mission of MANTIME will open up and with the added benefit of tax-friendly planning. Furthermore, communication will be more organized and consistent. Keeping you guys informed, in touch, and encouraged will be a priority.

And that's a perfect segway to announce our next event, which is planned and ready for launch...


I hope you can be a part of this unique opportunity. It has limited spaces and will most likely fill up quickly. So register ASAP if you want to attend. Details for this trip will be in a separate email NEXT WEEK so be on alert to check you inbox.

In closing, I just want to say to all you who have been a follower, reader, attender, supporter of MANTIME thus far...THANK YOU! I never set out to make this about me or build some big organization. I had property and a heart for men and wanted to find a way to bring them together in order to encourage them to be better leaders in their family, church, and community. I am humbled that MANTIME has grown to where it is today and excited to see future opportunities to "...encourage men to reclaim the vision for their life."